Game Programming Research & Development

Below you’ll find a variety of interesting 7-week projects from the Champlain College class of 2014 Game Programmers.

The projects range from mobile game development using the AndEngine .. to physics running on the GPU .. to webcams mounted on an Occulus Rift. There is quite a bit of cool stuff here, worth taking a look when you have a chance.

For even more projects, check out this earlier post.

Student Project Name  
Gill Self-Regenerating Destructible Environment
Pellett CUDA Physics CUDA, GPU Computing
Donovan DI-Guy Integration Image
DeBernardis AssaultCube Pub Hacks playerdebug_2
Elderhorst Procedural World WeatherConditions
Houghton Make and Deploy on Android Marketplace BiHD3sGCYAA5mVY
Jackson Behavior Tree System
Ferland Saving Methods in Unity
Francis Port LibGDX game – Android – OpenGL ES 2.0 mumble mumble
Martens Andengine Development
Mastenbrook AI Intelligent to play a card gathering game
Lessing Interpreted Scripting Language and Fight Stick Controller
Percy DAYOP Eighty Two Zigfu
Percocco In game level editor, share to cloud, download and play The Midnight Tacos
Donovan Oculus VR – 3rd Eye Prototype oculus-dk2-thumb
Gill Voxelizer/turn any obj into a destructible object
Mason Android Cryptocurrency tracker

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