2014 – Spring Semester Update

5 weeks into the semester and I’m past due for providing an update about what students are working on for my courses. Other than that, not much introduction is needed.

EGP 420 – Minor Research Topics:

Unity Log-in System by M Elderhorst
Compute Shaders in DirectX 11 by D Houghton
Storing and Using Game State Information in an SQL Database by B Pellett
Unity Heatmap Tool by J Jackson
Unity Map Editor by A Martens
Overriding OUYA’s Touch Input by J Donovan
LUA binding in C++ by I Mason
DLL Injection by J DeBernardis
Physics for the Unity Character Controller* by L Lessing
Word Search Generation by C Mastenbrook
Caching REST Web Service calls on Android by I Percocco

EGP 425 – Solar System – Real Physics Simulation

Solar System Simulation – Postmortems:
M Gill | T Francis | B Pellett | C Percy | D Houghton

EGP 420 – Major Research Topics:

Ferland’s GPS Game – Connect and see based on location
Pellett’s Fluid Dynamics
Donovan’s DI-Guy Integration
Percy’s Integrating FMOD with senior game
DeBernardis’ Hacking and coughing
Elderhorst’s Procedural World
Houghton’s Deploy on Android Marketplace
Jackson’s Behavior Tree System
Mastenbrook’s AI Intelligent to play a card gathering game
Francis’ Port LibGDX game – Android – OpenGL ES 2.0 mumble mumble
Gill’s iOS Integration
Percocco’s TBD

Links to the above projects are available here.

EGP 300 – Graphics II – Collada Importers

– Coming soon.

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