Student Games

Below is a selection of completed student games from the last couple years at Champlain College. In addition to the projects listed below, there are a few more places you can find collections of student work:

Senior Team Projects (2013)

Selection of Senior Team Projects (2010-2012)

Published Games

Only a fraction of students find the time and energy to take their game to completion. I’m happy to offer this list of games that have been painstakingly tested and polished until they were finally ready for public release. They are currently available for purchase on various digital marketplaces.

Pulse (Xbox)
Kyle Marchev, Game Programming (2013)
Published: June 2012
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Loc – Can You Escape? (Windows, Mac)
Matt Brand and Mike Hopke, Game Programming (2012)
Zach Bohn and Margaerite Dibble, Game Design (2012)
Published: April 2012
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Nuage (Xbox)
Alex Tardif, Computer Science & Innovation (2013)
Published: Feb 2012
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Gr iD (Windows Phone 7)
Gunther Fox, Game Programming (2012)
Published: Jan 2012
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