Research and Projects

Particle Art

Currently in the prototype stage, Particle Art is a touch-enabled, tablet-based, particle-driven art tool that merges Art, Technology, and Physics. Time permitting, I hope to release a beta version for iPad in the Spring of 2013.

This project may have the potential for STEM (if not STEAM) funding. However, I am not planning to explore this until after the beta has been completed.

The STEM to STEAM initiative is something I strongly support.

2D Graphics Programming for Games

Published by AK Peters|CRC Press in May (2013), my book on graphics programming focuses on the game industry techniques in the production of 2D games.

Official Description:
2D Graphics Programming for Games explains how to use popular platform-independent graphics techniques for creating 2D web and mobile games. The book explores essential techniques needed to develop games on all platforms, including Flash, iPhone/iPad, and Xbox 360. It starts with the basics and then goes on to more advanced topics in 2D graphics, animation, and games. The author draws on examples not only from video games but also from art and animated film. Code examples are given in C# and XNA.

Project Website


aliEnd is an arcade style space platformmer featuring the art of Geoff Gunning and the musical styling of dEv Jana.

The game was released as a alpha in July (2012) for Android. Future platforms are planned, although it’s a question of time permitting. A level designer is needed to move us from alpha to beta.

Project Website

Conference for Undergraduates in Technology (C.U.T.)

The Conference for Undergraduates in Technology (CUT) is an opportunity for ITS students to present topics of their own research to their fellow students and the Burlington, Vermont technology community.

The conference was last held in the spring of 2012. We are currently discussing whether this will be an annual or biannual event.

Project Website

Virtual Reality with Motion Tracking (Proposed)

I am currently looking for students interested in research relating to the combination of various new VR and motion capture technologies in order to create an innovative new VR experience.

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