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Maya Animation Export Tool

I wrote this tool for use in our game Wayward while at AtomJack game studio. It was written in a combination of Python and MEL for the Autodesk Maya interaction and Windows Forms/C# for the UI and OS interaction.


  • Allows the batch export of character models and animations from MAYA to Unity3D
  • Deployed to a build machine for remote batching
  • Generates filenames to match Unity3D expectations
  • All .py files are saved and used for robust debugging.
  • Works with a single file or an entire directory.
  • Animations are baked as necessary.

Future Development

A reoccurring issue was caused due to the fact that starting with Maya 2015, the Joint Segment Compensate flag is active by default. Unfortunately, this doesn’t play nice with Unity, so it was often forgotten by the artists during content creation. In the future I’d like to add a quick check within the internal script to ensure the field is unchecked.

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