Wayward | PC, XBOXOne, PS4

Wayward is the adventure of a young girl, lost on an alien planet, and the robot companion she discovers on her journey to find her way home.


We’ve just released a huge dump of Art from Wayward. Check it out!


For the past year I have been a graphics and tools engineer for “Wayward” – an action adventure game for PC and Console. I am proud to be one of the dozen developers that made up the Seattle based team, AtomJack.

Wayward is officially cancelled and AtomJack has closed doors, but it was lovingly crafted and a lot of fun to play. It was awesome to work on, I created a lot of cool tools, learned a lot, and made some good friends. All-in-all, not bad for a year worth of time and energy. Seriously.

The AtomJack Team

The AtomJack Team

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