Prototype – 3D Random Dungeon Generation

screenshotLatest Update: 29 June 2014
As a side project, I am developing a game prototype with the following overarching goals:

  • Continuous World (no loading between levels/dungeons)
  • Fog-of-war (line-of-sight is blocked from areas the player cannot see)
  • Random Dungeon Generation (allowing infinite exploration)
  • Persistent State World (players mark is left on the world)

Looking toward the future (possible Steam Greenlight and/or Kickstarter) I’ve begun considering various options for themes and licensing as well. This could be Dungeons & Dragons (thinking new 5e opportunities), Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, or similar. If you’re a license holder and see potential, please contact me.

In other news: I recently read an article title Three Dungeons & Dragons Video Games That Need To Be Made. It is a good list, but I think the one that is missing for me is a random dungeon crawler that actually feels like you’re exploring an old grid-based dungeon.

Development Journal

Day 6 & 7

  • MAJOR improvement on how individual voxels are handled creating a seamless transitions within level data
  • Various improvements to level load/save (again, ensuring seamless loading)
  • Addition of Terrain (Hills and Mountains)
  • Dungeon entrances are now within caves
Day 5

  • Continuous world implementation (infinite).
  • Automatically save and load level data.
  • Line of sight fixes
  • Performance enhancements
Day 4

Day 3

  • Added earth and rock materials.
  • Fixed line of sight issues.
  • Fixed performance issues.
Day 2

  • Performed some major refactoring of C# code
  • Added doors
  • Added the ability to perform generic actions (in the case of doors – open/close)
Day 1

  • First concept, quick prototype.

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