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The Challenge:

ECHO - Lake Quest includes a variety of games, trivia, and educational material for guests at the ECHO Lake Aquarium

The Echo Lake Quest apps includes a combination of games, trivia, and educational material for guests of the ECHO Lake Aquarium

In June 2014 I was summoned to the aid of the Emergent Media Center (a local non-profit game studio). It seemed one of their projects was both significantly behind schedule and suffering from a game-crashing memory leak. To make matters worse, their two core project developers had recently accepted positions elsewhere and were unavailable.

It took 53.5 hours over the course of four days, but I was able to solve the memory leak, rescue the project, and have it ready for the client the following week.

It was actually a pretty fun project to work on, although the last minute emergency crunch is not one I’m looking to repeat anytime soon.

About the Game:

Algae Officer is a educational, tile-based strategy game played on an Android table and developed exclusively for the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center. In Algae Officer, players manage resources (cities, towns, and farms) and build upgrades (concrete and foilage barriers, water gardens, water barrels) to keep the lake’s Nitrogen and Phosphorous levels low, preventing an algae bloom.


You have not only saved this part of the project, but also provided essential insight into how to guide technology decisions in the future.

~ Adam Walker |Sr. Technical Project Manager, EMC

I can not thank you enough and you are now forever in my hero category!

~ Ann DeMarle | Director, EMC

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