Image Webify – Quickly Resize Images for Social Media

This is a side project I made over a weekend in Fall of 2013. I think it is a great example of how learning to program will allow you to solve problems on your own. “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

“Great for high-resolution cameras!” | “Time-saver!” | “Image Webifier is Awesome!”
– Stuff I said about it.

What is Image Webifier?

Quickly resize images with just a right click.

Quickly resize images with a right-click -> Send-To -> Resize

Have you ever wanted to quickly post a photo from your high resolution camera, but you don’t need the super high-quality image for sharing online? Ever wanted to resize an image without starting up your favorite image editing software?

With Image Webifier (for Windows Desktop) you just right-click on the image and create an instant copy appropriate for uploading to Facebook, Twitter, or wherever.

Why upload a huge file when its going to get resized by the Social Media service anyway?

With “Image Webifier” you won’t waste valuable bandwidth while your significant other is on another computer watching Netflix or playing an online game.

Great for WiFi because your photos will upload 12 times faster!!


  • Right-Click functionality
  • Works with multiple files
  • Preserves originals
  • Preserves aspect ratio

Currently requires a little more testing before I’m ready to release it to the public. But if you’re interested, comment below and I’ll reply when its available.

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