Fall 2013 Registration Info for Game Programmers

Champlain College RegistrationThe following are the likely courses you should be signing up for. There are exceptions to this list, but in those cases you know who you are and should contact your adviser if you have any questions. See note below on General Electives if you’re unsure what to take.

Current Freshman:

CSI 281, Data Structures
MTH 270, Discrete Math
EGP 200, Graphics Programming I
Your choice of two courses from: COR 210, 220, 230, or 240

Current Sophomores:

EGP 410, Game AI
CSI 230, Unix/Linux
SWE 285 replaced with General Elective
COR 310 and COR 320 OR COR 330 (x2)
Note to Sophomores: If you plan to go to study abroad, you must choose COR 310/320. The courses offered in Montreal count toward the COR 330 requirement.

Current Juniors:

EGP 405, Game Networking
CCC 410, Capstone (5 credits)
SCI 250, Physics w/ Lab (4 credits)
General Elective
Note to Juniors: (1) You will be automatically enrolled in CCC 410 based on your selected team. (2) Note that capstone is a lot of work and when combined with Networking and Physics you’ll be kept vary busy. Consider taking an easier course for your elective. (3) Take a moment to look at your program evaluation to see if you are missing any important courses you need to graduate.

General Electives:

For your general electives you may take any course. These give you the opportunity to become well rounded and explore other interests. If you have no other interests, the following courses are good opportunities to learn some things that are useful to game programmers but are not currently required by the major.

Some of these courses have prerequisites. If you feel that you should get the prerequisite waived, you must make this request from the instructor. When the instructor emails you to say that it is okay for you to enroll in the course, email that information to your academic specialist, Julie Richards(and cc me).

Also, one more note… you might want to consider a minor in Mathematics. You’re already taking 3 math courses, so you’ll only need 3 more to get the minor. Linear Algebra is offered in the fall.

  • Mobile Development
  • Intro to 3D (Good course to get familiar with artist tools. Large time commitment. You will only be allowed to register for a section that is not marked “AA”. Those are for game art majors only.
  • Interaction Design Production (IDX 350) (This course is like the production courses, you take it with other majors. You will work on interactive projects).
    The development of games, websites, applications and other computer-mediated experiences all share common processes and best practices in design, research and development. They also share common pitfalls in their need for teams that are focused, motivated and collaborative. How do people from different backgrounds and disciplines come together and bring unique digital products to market? Students across divisions and departments will share their knowledge and experience while learning to practice healthy small-team dynamics.

  • Sound Design (Good course to give you experience working with audio.)
  • Relational Databases (Get experience working with SQL. The course if fairly easy.)
  • Game Technology II (This is a good course for current sophomores if they want experience with Unity3D before starting in Game Production II in the spring).
  • Java
  • Graphics III

Find these courses and many more using the course catalog (to search all courses) and class list (to see when it is offered).
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