Help Request

I need help finding an online resource that I cannot remember the name of.

Last summer I read an article about a new web portal that a professor could use for a course. It allows the instructor to set up a location for students to discuss and share ideas and help each other with their work. Professors can mark the student’s reply to a question as “correct”, so that other students would know the answer is valid.

I only remember a few specifics related to the site:

  • It was developed by a female student at a prestigious institution (MIT, Harvard, or similar).
  • She developed it because she found the available LMS lacking in its ability to allow students to answer each other’s questions. She was taking programming courses and looking for something better suited for programming students.
  • I believe it was made with Ruby on Rails.

I signed up for an account, but haven’t touched it since then. I have a course this semester which this would be an ideal tool to use… I just can’t remember the name of it or find the account information in my email.

Any help would be appreciated.


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