2012 Funcom Internship

2012 GRAND Funcom Games Initiative

Call for Participation

GRAND NCE in cooperation with Funcom, an international massively multiplayer online game developer and publisher, invites post-secondary students and recent graduates to apply to the 2012 GRAND/Funcom Games Initiative, a hands-on, 10-week industry-focused project in Montreal. Students will produce a working prototype of a game concept and design.

A team of up to ten incredibly talented students will be tasked with applying their technical skills and creativity to an original Funcom concept and producing a high-quality prototype inspired by the original design.

More here: http://grand-nce.ca/research/opportunities-funding-training-employment/grand-funcom-games-initiative

Please encourage your students: last year we had a team selected for TAG Concordia, so there is no reason it couldn’t happen again.

All Champlain College students (present and recent graduates) are eligible to participate.

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