HitPoint Studios On Campus 3/26

Last week at the MassDigi event, HitPoint Studios hosted an open house. The people that work there are great and securing a job with HitPoint would be a great experience for any student.

While the bread and butter of their business is branded Flash projects, those projects help financially support a number of larger projects that require the advanced skills you are all learning at Champlain. I encourage anyone interested in working on games in Western Mass (just a 3 hour drive south of here), to visit the upcoming career fair on Monday, March 26.

“HitPoint Studios is the largest independent game studio in Massachusetts with 35 full-time employees. Our location in the Pioneer Valley affords us not only scenic views and ready access to the wealth of talented artists, programmers, and designers in the Five College area, but a high quality of life that we regard as important to the evolution of a successful studio. Better still, we can take breaks outside with our Nerf guns and disturb no one but the cows.”

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