Mid-Semester Update

Back from a record breaking GDC (22,500 attendees) in San Francisco, we’ve hit the mid-semester mark with just enough time to take a breath before hitting the ground running for the last 6 weeks of classes.

As always, there are a lot of moving pieces just now. Game Tech Conference is about to enter round 2 (applicants will be notified soon). Later this week is the DigiMass event I’ll be heading down for. PAX is coming very soon. And I’m hoping to get up to the Montreal campus sometime next week. (Not to mention Fall registration is just around the corner.

You may have also noticed a bit of a redesign on this blog. This includes the addition of my portfolio (the content is not new, I just merged my previously separate site with this one). My hope is that it fits a bit better with the Game Studio look and feel.

But with all that is going on, I’m happy to report that last night’s Graphics II course was a great success featuring a variety of very cool OpenGL projects. Hoping I’ll have similarly awesome stuff to show next week from the Game Physics mid-term projects.

Lepore’s Driving Game

Brough’s Crate Game

Toulan’s Simulation

Tardiff’s Starfox Clone

Birch’s Crazy Space Platform

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