Gr iD for WP7

I’m proud to announce that Gunther Fox (Game Programming Class of 2012) spent the holiday break completing his first Window’s Phone game. And now Gr iD is available on the Microsoft Marketplace.

You’ll remember that in the late Fall we had a visit from Edwin Guarin and other folks at Microsoft, who provided a one day crash-course on building apps for the Windows 7 Phone.

Just for reference (from my experiences in the Windows Phone App certification process) it takes approximately 48 hours to get an app certified and another day for it to show up in the Marketplace. This is assuming you followed the guidelines and your app conforms to their standards. I’d imagine if the game was larger/more complex, it could another day or so but overall this seemed pretty fast.

-Gunther Fox

As you know, sometimes the hardest part of game development is getting your project to a state of completion. With that in mind, this is a fairly significant achievement for Gunther. So be sure to give him a pat on the back.

Gr iD – Available now on the Windows Phone Marketplace

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