Internships at Microstrain

I received the following email from a 2010 EGP graduate who wanted to let all programming students know about this great internship opportunity.

Hello, my name is Richard Stoneback and I was an Game Programming major at Champlain College and graduated in 2010. While at Champlain, I found an internship at MicroStrain ( in Williston. I worked as an Intern during the school year and through the summers, and loved it. Immediately out of college, MicroStrain hired me full-time.

I have spoken with Mark Zammuto and he has probably contacted some of your students on MicroStrain’s internship openings, but I know some times it is better to get to the source and speak to the student’s professors who see them each week.

MicroStrain is very interested in finding more software engineering students that are looking for internships. MicroStrain makes very small and inexpensive wired and wireless sensors that can monitor many things in the world, such as acceleration, temperature, strain, torque, pressure, vibration, tilt…the list goes on and on. We have had sensors on NASA rockets, the Liberty Bell, Unmanned air vehicles, etc.

Most of the employees here went to UVM and a good chunk of them started as interns and became full-time hires. I want to prove that Champlain students have just as much, if not more, to bring to the table as all these UVM employees : ). We have internship openings almost all the time. Interns get generous pay and can essentially make their own hours to best work around their schedules. We are looking for students with knowledge in any of the following areas: C++, Web Application Development, Cloud Computing, Interfacing with Hardware, Desktop Application Development, HTML5. A mix of web and C++ is ideal. Student’s with any of this under their belt should apply. Don’t hold back! Game programming majors should also apply…I was once one of them.

Thank you for your time,

Ricky Stoneback

Interested applicants should contact Mark in Career Services to get Richard’s contact information and learn more about the opportunity.

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