Graphics Programming Projects

We’re in week 10… which means we’re about 2/3rds the way through the semester. For my Graphics Programming I course, that means the students have completed milestone 2 of 5 for their final project.

For their final project, students have just under 6 weeks to create a game that applies all the topics we’ve covered in the first half of the course (sprites, animation, particle effects, pixel shaders, depth).

While the progress for most students is great, there are always a few students that find they really love programming graphics for games. In the video below, one of these students (Kyle M.) describes the simple but effective Artificial Intelligence he has applied to his graphics game.

And while I’m showing off student work, I’ll include Alex T’s work. He’s gone a completely different direction with his project, and I think the two projects do a great job of showing the different directions students can go.

As this was Milestone 2 of 5, I’m really looking forward to seeing it when these are 100% complete.

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