Child Links in PhoneGap

While working on his mobile development homework, Matt P. (a student enrolled in Intro. To Mobile Development) noticed he could not get child links to work on his PhoneGap project. With a bit of research and testing he is now able to share the following:

About ChildBrowser:

Child Browser is a phone gap plugin which acts as a browser that deploys within your app, there is a simple navigation system and when the user wishes to return to the app, they may press done.
If they should chose to browse in Safari instead, there is a button for that as well.

Here is a link to the tutorial.

The download can be confusing on the actual website.
Here is a link to the plugin.

Another thing to note, when adding your websites as external hosts, use the format such as: and not, just the domain is necessary.

To the right is a photo of what it looks like running on my phone.

Matt P.

Thanks for the post Matt

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