Debugging, Multi-Threading, and WP7

Upcoming Events


Professors Pile and Lawson will be hosting a “debugging tutorial”. Having trouble getting your head around what the debugger is, when to use it, why to use it, how to use it?

This quick tutorial will give you some tips and tricks (and maybe you’ve got some tips and tricks to share). All CSI and EGP students are welcome to attend, but it is highly recommended for Freshman-Juniors who are unsure about debugging.

What: Debugging Tutorial
When: Monday, October 3rd (8:15pm-9:00pm)
Where: Foster 100

Windows Phone 7

We’re in the process of arranging three WP7 events on campus for this semester. In addition, next month Microsoft will be hosting a full day event for the community (and students) on how to develop applications quickly on WP7 on the Champlain College campus.

What: Windows Phone 7 Code Camp
When: October 27, 9:00am-5:00pm
Where: Ethan Allen Club, Champlain College Campus
Register (Students):
Register (Non-Students): MS Events Link

Tips And Tricks

Multi-Threading in C#

Multi-threading in C# is pretty painless, and as we’re building Particle Systems in “Graphics Programming I” we have a great opportunity to test an implementation.

Thanks go out to Anthony for providing us with these “how to” links:

Now lets see some multi-threading and related analysis in your next homework assignment!

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