Fall Research, 2011

I have students working on a variety of projects this term. So far, this includes:

AppleTV and iOS 5

Gunther will be taking our iOS experience to the next level by working on a project to test the integration of AppleTV and games running on iOS 5 (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone).

Windows Phone 7.5 – Code Name Mango

Alex will be developing a test plan for integration of current XNA game projects onto Windows 7 Phone. (Thanks to Microsoft for providing us 3 Windows 7 Phones for testing)

On the same topic, there are two upcoming Windows 7 Phone Events, both located at Champlain College:

  • Windows 7 Phone Lab
    27 October, 2011 (Open To Public)
  • Windows 7 Phone Hack-A-Thon
    Early November, 2011 (Champlain College Students Only)

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