Vermont Code Camp

vermont-code-camp-5-2013-speaker-submissions-67Vermont Code Camp is September 10th on the UVM campus (Kalkin Hall). I’ve never been, but from the schedule, it looks like a great event.

Its a one day event this Saturday, and it’s FREE!!!

There are four tracks focusing on either, .NET, Web, “Data & More”, “Patterns & Practices”, but it looks like you can bounce around between them.

The classes that catch my interest are:

I encourage all EGP and CSI students to attend. It’ll be a great networking and professional development event. I guarantee you’ll learn something…. I’m sure I will.

Things you’ll get out of attending:

  • Knowledge
  • Local Industry Contacts
  • Student Connections
  • Lunch and Snacks

Did I mention it’s FREE?  See you there.


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