Week 1 of Fall 2011

Fall 2011: Week One, Post Irene

With the first week of classes behind us, it looks like its going to be a great semester.  In both EGP 200 (Graphics Programming I) and EGP 405 (Game Networking), we were able to get through more material than in previous years, and I’m expecting great projects to be submitted this week.

In CSI 120/220, the first day of class involved a game of musical chairs, with two more students than we had seats.  I appreciate those willing to share their computer and putting up with the very limited space in Skiff 102.  I’m in the process of working on a solution with the college, and we’ll likely be moving to another classroom for our next meeting on Friday.

It may be hard to believe, but faculty are already trying to prepare for Spring 2012 course schedules, and you’ll be hearing more shortly.

Semester in Montreal
EGP 3rd year students interested in attending Montreal next semester should get information now and apply soon.  Click this link for more information on spending the semester in Montreal.

Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS)
Its time to make a decision about whether or not you’re heading to MIGS this year.  I encourage all EGP students to attend.  You should have received an email from Amanda Crispel titled “MIGS SIGN UP”.  If you did not, get in contact with me.  The price for MIGS is up this year, and they will be limiting student attendance… so do not wait.

Champlain College Game Developer Association (CCGDA)
Time to once again sign-up for your CCGDA membership.  Its free!  You should also consider joining the IGDA as a student member (not free, but inexpensive).  It’s a significant professional organization, and will allow for some great networking.

Work Study
I’m looking for two work-study positions.  One to help us with Information Support related issues in the Skiff lab, and the second will be to help me get information about what’s happening out onto the inter-webs.  If you have work study hours and are interested, please get in contact with me directly ASAP.

I think that’s it for the big announcements.  There’s a lot happening on campus and a lot of enthusiasm.  If you’re finding yourself with a bit of extra time and wondering what to do… drop me a line, there’s plenty of oppertunities to go around.


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