Site Update

I’ve added a lot of information to this micro-site.  Perhaps a wee bit too much … and I haven’t even started with course materials yet.  This is some of the stuff you’ll find:

  • Job Listings from Gamasutra and Mary-Margaret. So far I’ve used a scraper to get just the C++ jobs off the Mary-Margaret site, but I’ll need to run the Gamasutra feed through FeedBurner or some other system to be able to parse out only the programmer/engineer jobs.
  • Champlain College Links, both Game specific as well as general information.
  • Developer Resources, a page full of links to good info on the web (like
  • Career Resources, a listing of things to prepare you for graduation and getting a job. This includes a link to the Champlain College Career Services info, as well as a variety of other stuff that I think might be useful.
  • Champlain Support, the support center has been regularly updating their blog, and I think it’s worth keeping an eye on tech-related things that are happening on campus.
  • Competition/Scholarship Listing, a page detailing various contests and the blurbs from their website.
  • My Office Hours, perhaps the only thing you actually came here looking for.
  • My Twitter Feed, perhaps insightful, perhaps useless… but at least it’s there.

So, I’ll continue to work on this, but mainly this post was to fill some space so that I can see what a longer post looks like in the template.


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