iOS Development on Windows

Well, with my MSc dissertation submitted, I finally have a bit of time to focus on some of my other projects … which includes keeping this up to date with what those projects are.

The latest is an iPod-Touch/iPhone game development, and the goal is to do as much of the development as possible in VisualStudio on a PC.

I found a few great resources for this, that I’m listing here for my own benefit as much as anyone else’s.

iPhone development on Windows
A basic framework starter kit for developing games in Visual Studio

Multiple Concurrent Remote Users on a Macintosh
Another tool people may find useful for PC development on macs is using RealVNC Viewer on the PC to connect to a VineVNC Server running on the mac. So far, we have tried it with two concurrent sessions logged into a single mac mini and it all worked surprisingly well.

VineVNC Server can be found at

(Their link for the PC viewer does not work, but you can find it on the RealVNC site at )

Basic Stuff
iPhone Dev Center
iPhone Application Programming Guide
iPhone Development Guide

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