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Grapple Beam Values

Tool | Lightning Effect (GFX)

About This Tool Another tool I developed for the artists of Wayward allowed them to generate various lightning-like effects. In particular it was important for the girl’s grapple action. And like the Parallax Preview Tool, it is significantly easier to see what is happening in a video rather than if …


Wayward | PC, XBOXOne, PS4

Wayward is the adventure of a young girl, lost on an alien planet, and the robot companion she discovers on her journey to find her way home. Update We’ve just released a huge dump of Art from Wayward. Check it out! About For the past year I have been a …


GDC 2014 | Presentation

In March, 2014 I had the pleasure of presenting at the Game Education Summit during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco. The presentation was on a new approach to teaching graphics programming titled, Graphics Programming Education – Less is More. Description In 2010, the graphics programming curriculum at …


2D Graphics Programming for Games | Book

Published by AK Peters|CRC Press in May (2013), my book on graphics programming focuses on the game industry techniques in the production of 2D games. 2D Graphics Programming for Games explains how to use popular platform-independent graphics techniques for creating 2D web and mobile games. The book explores essential techniques needed …

aliEnd: Tap to Jump

aliEnd | Android

In 2011, I teamed with award winning game industry artist Geoff Gunning and musician dEv Jana to create the arcade style space platformmer, aliEnd. We currently have the game running on the following platforms: Android (Get It Now on Google Play) PC XBOX Live Indie Games Channel (XBLIG) Windows Phone Kindle Fire iOS (soon) …


Awarded: 1st Place, HackVT

MyWebGrocer hosted a 24-hour hackathon September 16, 2011 at the Champlain Mill in Winooski, Vermont — the state’s first such event – with game developer John Pile taking first place and $5,000 from Fairpoint Communications for his creation of a grocery shopping game. Participants worked on their own or in …


Crackdown 2 – DLC | Xbox 360

I’m happy to announce that another game I was a developer on is now out on XBox Live: Crackdown 2 “Toy Box Pack” DLC Developed by Proper Games for our friends at Ruffian Games, the downloadable content adds game tools like “Keys To The City”, new weapons, and new vehicles. …

Final Fight - Double Impact

Final Fight: Double Impact | PlayStation3, Xbox360

In 2010 we released the financially successful Final Fight: Double Impact for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, a full emulation of two arcade games Final Fight and Magic Sword. Numerous features were added to bring this ‘old school’ game onto modern consoles. These features allow for the game-play today’s users expect, and …


Flock! | PC, PlayStation3, Xbox360

Published by CAPCOM, Flock! was lovingly crafted by the small development team at Proper Game.  It was also the first published game I had a hand in developing. We released the game for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. Later that October, Flock! received a 2009 BAFTA Scotland for ‘Game …

John receives an MSc with Honors in Software Engineering (Computer Game Tech)

Awarded: MS with Distinction

In 2009 I received a Masters degree in Software Engineering (Computer Games Technology) from the University of Abertay, in Dundee, Scotland. Among the other honors, it also meant I could wear a formal Scottish Kilt. The degree was awarded with Distinction, which I’m told is fairly big deal.  It is …

Lummox Poses

Lummox | Wii

Lummox is an as-of-yet, published game originally intended for release on the Wii. The prototype of the game was the subject of my Master’s dissertation at the University of Abertay.