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Evolve 2013: Xamarin Rises

Last Sunday I joined 600 other participants at the Xamarin’s first training and conference in Austin, Texas. I had been using Xamarin products for about 18 months for cross-platform game development (via MonoGame), so I was interested to see where they were headed. The theme of the conference was one …


Cross-Platform Mobile Development

A colleague recently sent me a link to the following: Google Releases Open-Source Code to Convert Java to Objective-C Yeah, that’s cool and all. But to me, that’s like saying: Google Releases Open-Source Code to Convert Ebonics to Spanglish. Just saying. Come to think of it, I haven’t checked Google …

Champlain Student Startup

I’m happy to announce that Champlain College Seniors Matt Brand, Mike Hopke (Game Programming), Marguerite Dibble and Zach Bohn (Game Design) have created a game company “Birnam Wood Games”. They funded their first game development with a Kickstarter project and released their game today for Windows and Mac. The game …