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Grapple Beam Values

Tool | Lightning Effect (GFX)

About This Tool Another tool I developed for the artists of Wayward allowed them to generate various lightning-like effects. In particular it was important for the girl’s grapple action. And like the Parallax Preview Tool, it is significantly easier to see what is happening in a video rather than if …


Game Programmer Portfolio Creation

A bit of advice for those game programming students polishing up their portfolio websites prior to applying for jobs post-graduation… Your Degree For Champlain College programmers, the official program name for the game programming degree is: BS, Game Programming (NOT Electronic Game Programming). Consider linking to the official Game Programming …


Autodesk 3D, 3D Art, and Gameware Tools

Autodesk has been slowly buying up tools and technologies. They’ve got quite a collection and it’s worth taking a look at some of the product lines. First, it is worth noting that Autodesk is the company that makes AutoCAD, the premier engineering and architectural Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) program. AutoCad …

Champlain Student Startup

I’m happy to announce that Champlain College Seniors Matt Brand, Mike Hopke (Game Programming), Marguerite Dibble and Zach Bohn (Game Design) have created a game company “Birnam Wood Games”. They funded their first game development with a Kickstarter project and released their game today for Windows and Mac. The game …

Loc Kickstarted

Some of our most talented Seniors in our Game Development majors at Champlain College have a KickStarter project to fund the completion of their game, “Loc“. The funds will go to purchasing the licenses for the software they need to complete the game. Check it out here!