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John Pile Jr

Grapple Beam Values

Tool | Lightning Effect (GFX)

About This Tool Another tool I developed for the artists of Wayward allowed them to generate various lightning-like effects. In particular it was important for the girl’s grapple action. And like the Parallax Preview Tool, it is significantly easier to see what is happening in a video rather than if …

Samsung SideSync

Stream Your Mobile Device To PC

Okay, mobile devs.. check out “Samsung SideSync” It’s a really cool app that stream’s your mobile device to your desktop. Connection via USB or Wifi. I tested both and it worked great even for high-framerate apps, Wifi had a few occasional hiccups on my network but it was usable even …

Perforce Merge of YAML Created Duplicate Transforms

Unity3D Error – Prefab has multiple Transform components!

We were getting the following error message that was causing a hard crash in Unity3D. Prefab has multiple Transform components! Removing them automatically would not be safe. UnityEditor.AssetDatabase:Refresh(ImportAssetOptions) UnityEditor.AssetDatabase:Refresh() In the rush of a milestone delivery, we narrowed it down to a particular Prefab and verified that when a user …


Wayward | PC, XBOXOne, PS4

Wayward is the adventure of a young girl, lost on an alien planet, and the robot companion she discovers on her journey to find her way home. Update We’ve just released a huge dump of Art from Wayward. Check it out! About For the past year I have been a …

A message queue can display useful information during gameplay.

Unity3D – Message Queue

Message queues are especially useful for debugging networking events and other function calls that may occur out of expected order. Note: This is an advanced tutorial, recommended for those already familiar with the Unity3D game engine. Goal: Allow developers to see important debugging information, in-game. We also want to be …

A set of prefabs located in a named subfolder of Resources.

Unity3D – Access Any Prefab By Name

Note: This is an advanced tutorial, recommended for those already familiar with the Unity3D game engine. With the Resources class, Unity has provided an easy way to load all assets from a folder. This is very powerful, but how do you incorporate this within your game architecture? Goal: Instantiate by …