BAFTA 2009 - Game of the Year - FlockJohn has two decades of software development experience and is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft developing interactive story-telling software for the HoloLens.

Before joining Microsoft, John has been an engineer on a variety of notable published games including the 2009 BAFTA Scotland Game Of The Year,Flock!” (Xbox360/Playstation3). the financially successful “Final Fight: Double Impact” (Xbox360/Playstation3), downloadable content “Crackdown 2: Toy Box Pack” (Xbox360), the iOS game “Moving Day”, and the arcade game “aliEnd” for the Android OS.

From 2010 to 2014 John was Acting Program Director for Game Programming at Champlain College’s Game Studio where he taught courses in computer graphics, game physics, and networking programming for games.

website_2D_Graphics_CoverJohn is the author of “2D Graphics Programming for Games” and is currently working with the same publisher (CRC Press) to write a book on Game Development Tools, scheduled for release in early 2017.



For more detailed experience, check out John’s profile on LinkedIn for more details.