Flock! (2009)
Company: Proper Games Ltd
Publisher: CAPCOM
Platforms: PC, PS3, XBOX360
Language: C++
Graphics: DirectX 9
Physics: ODE

Flock! was the first game released by Proper Games and the first published game I had a hand in developing. In October, Flock! received a 2009 BAFTA Scotland for ‘Best Game’.

In Flock! you control a UFO, with the mission to heard various animals into the Mothership. It is a sandbox-puzzle-game, meaning that there are a variety of objects that your UFO can interact with, allowing for a multiple ways to solve any level.

Crop-cirlces, love patches, geysers, night predators, and more, Flock! is full of features we hope you’ll love playing with as much as we loved making.