Squirt (2009)
Genre: Match 3
Company: Proper Games Ltd
Platforms: Flash and iPhone
Language: AS2 and C++
Graphics: OpenGL (iPhone)

Squirt is an original game concept by Andrew Smith. I created the Flash prototype for him based on his designs and Geoff Gunning’s artwork while working at Proper Games. I also created an iPhone prototype in C++/OpenGL.

While the company decided not move the project forward to full product, we still feel it is a fun prototype and have made it available for people to play and comment on.

The following is the game description in Smithy’s words:

Squirt’s mate Gobble has eaten too many jelly beans! He’s gonna barf! Squirt leaps into action (and Gobble’s massive mouth) to sort out his tummy before everyone gets a rainbow repaint!

Players control Squirt, the eponymous hero of the game. Coloured jelly bean squares rise up from below – the player must use Squirt’s unique ability to suck the colour out of one block at a time, and then inject it into another, to destroy them before they reach the top of the screen. Create combos, fight against time and the inexorable push of jelly bean blocks from below, and set high scores!

Play Squirt Here