3D Dominoes – PC

3D Dominoes (2008)
Platforms: Win32 and PS2
Language: C++
Graphics: DirectX 9

The games were developed as second semester projects in my Computer Games Technology course at the University of Abertay Dundee in February – April of 2008.

Pile, John – UAD CS1123A Project Report (Dominoes 3D Postmortem)

The above link my project report for the DirectX version. The following excepts should give an idea on the content you’ll in in this report:

“I have held off developing a hard version of the AI that involves a weighted analysis of probability because game testing revealed something more important. I soon discovered that although I had developed a competitive AI, I had not yet addressed the other original goal of my AI design, specifically “interactivity”.

Interactivity was based less on research, and more from personal experience. I knew I wanted the AI to provide an auditory response, but one that did not seem repetitive. I knew that I wanted the AI be a ‘pleasant’ opponent and thus demonstrate happiness when scoring.

These ‘personal touches’, became as important to the gameplay as the logic and I believe demonstrate that computer games are not strictly about hard-science problem solving.”

“Finally, I think I should mention that I approached this coursework with a few secondary goals in mind. First, I did not want to create another ‘FPS’, ‘Spaceship’, or ‘Racing Game’. I felt that there was very little for me to gain by attempting to create another game in these genres. For each of these, the gameplay is relatively straight forward and very little can be learned that hasn’t already been covered in depth by many others before me. And second, I did not feel that given the resources at my disposal and the time available that I could make a complete game that would stand out. I believe that this is something that I have accomplished be taking the route I chose, at least so far as demonstrating the possibilities of exploring a new spin on a traditional game.”

I hope to provide a downloadable version of the game in the near future.